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Gold Medal Events
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Go for the Gold

Ashleigh Dorfman, CSEPGreetings!Are you inspired by the 2012 London Summer Olympics?  I know that I’m paying more attention to my fitness program (with a little help from my new FitBit device) but I’m also evaluating my career development and my business practices.  I’m truly impressed by the hard-working and completely dedicated athletes who continually strive for success!  It makes me want to ‘go for the gold!’

With this Olympic spirit in mind, this month’s issue of posh possibilities features “Gold Medal Events”, 5 questions to consider when planning an Olympic-worthy event, as well as my ‘Go for the Gold” Pinterest board.  Metallic event decor is very trendy now, and it’s the perfect complement for corporate anniversary and milestone birthday celebrations!

As you enjoy the last few weeks of summer, please keep posh productions in mind to produce your upcoming corporate, non-profit and personal celebrations.


Ashleigh Dorfman, CSEP

President | Event Producer

Is Your Event Worthy of a Gold Medal?
Producing an event is like competing in the Olympics; at the end of the day, you want a successful outcome!
To achieve gold medal status, ask yourself these 5 questions when you start planning your event:
  1. What are the specific goals and objectives? Events are time consuming and expensive to produce.  What do you want to accomplish with your investment?
  2. Does the event design support these goals and objectives? Day, time and location, as well as the flow of the event, type of meal service and more contribute to the overall success of your event.
  3. Is the event designed for your participants? Regardless of whether your event is complementary or ticketed, it is important to design the event for the people attending … after all, the actions of these people will impact your results.
  4. How will you communicate value to participants?  The “if you build it, they will come” strategy no longer exists in business.  You must tell participants the value of their participation to motivate them to attend.
  5. How will you measure results?  Feedback from participants, surveys, sales and press coverage are common methods to measure return on investment (ROI).

The other option, if answering these questions seems daunting, is to collaborate with a strategic event maangement company like posh productions, LLC!  Together, we’ll work through these questions and more to produce a successful event based on goals and objectives that achieve intended results.  It’s an experience you can plan on!! 

Pinned by posh!
As you can imagine, metallic event decor, food and drinks are really popular right now!  To get you started, I’ve pinned a few inspiring ideas on my “Go for the Gold” board including this easy-to-recreate non-floral table centerpiece!  Check it out!