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Tradeshow Marketing

Ashleigh Dorfman, CSEPThree days ago, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring; I couldn’t be more thrilled!With spring around the corner, businesses and organizations are busy finalizing event marketing plans … or are they?  If not, they may cite cost and other insufficient resources as reasons but they would be missing out tremendous opportunities.In this month’s issue, one article features the importance of events in marketing and another examines the costs of participating in a tradeshow, typically, the first big event marketing investment for a business or organization.   I round out this issue with lessons learned from Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball (I survived!), my Downton Abbey Pinterest board and a non-event related (but really important to me) article that I wrote for the winter issue of I Am Modern magazine.Until next month, I wish you many reasons to celebrate … and when you need professional assistance, please contact me!Ashleigh Dorfman, CSEP

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{event strategy} 4 Reasons Why Events Should be Part of Your Marketing Toolbox

Marketing is complex, especially when the “it” tactics change frequently.  Currently, “it”is content marketing and before that, “it” was social media, blogs and so on.  Call me classic, or just biased, but the one tried-and-true tactic is events.  Events are a catalyst for growth and change, and when used in conjunction with other marketing activities like social media, blogs and emails, for example, the impact is powerful; results are achieved that last beyond the event.If you’re still on the fence, below are 4 reasons why events should be part of your marketing plans:

  • Build brand and awareness
  • Generate new leads
  • Engage existing customers
  • Educate attendees

If you’re thinking events are too expensive, then take baby steps – sponsor an event or secure a speaking engagement and progress to hosting an event.  Events come in all shapes and sizes, as well as price points.  The best strategy is to identify events that support your goals and objectives and determine how you can best maximize your investment and achieve results.

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{by the numbers} Tradeshow Costs

Ready to develop a tradeshow program and wondering how much it costs?  Click here for this month’s ‘by the numbers’ cheat sheet.
{posh POV Blog} Event Management Lessons Learned from Inaugural Ball

2013 Black Tie and BootsLast month, I worked my first inaugural ball – the Black Tie and Boots Presidential Inaugural Ball (BT&B). I was the lucky event planner responsible for the invitation, ticket sales, Sponsor Dinner seating and on-site registration for thousands of guests. Looking back on the experience, I wondered what had I learned from this amazing opportunity?  A lot … click here to read the list.

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Downton Abbey Like many people, I am obsessed with the TV show, Downton Abbey!  I love the scandals, betrayals, one-line zingers from Dowager Countess Lady Grantham … and of course, the lavish formal dinners, afternoon tea and, thanks to Cora’s American mother, Martha Levinson, nouveau cocktail parties with food buffets and ‘everyone eats all around the house’ <smile>.

Want to entertain like its 1920?  Check out my Pinterest board for inspiration!

{article} Raising Awareness for Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome imageDo you know that 1 in 2,000 females are born each year with Turner Syndrome (TS)?  If you’re not familiar with TS, you’re not alone; not many people know about this non-inherited chromosomal condition, including my then-newborn’s pediatrician, nurses and other specialists.  It took a year of many, many tests and procedures to finally receive a diagnosis … yet the symptoms were present from day one.  Click here to learn more … and if you or someone you know has Turner Syndrome, please let them know that I am starting a Northern Virginia Support Group for women, girls and their families … and yes, there will be events!!

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