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Milestone Birthday Celebrations

Ashleigh Dorfman, CSEPI’m on a birthday roll (and having lots of fun)! Two weeks ago, I produced a sweet 1st birthday party; last Friday, I celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday at my girls’ school (and yes, I made green eggs and ham); and this week, I’m finalizing plans for my daughter’s 8th birthday!To keep the momentum going, I’m focusing on milestone birthday celebrations this month – from brainstorming design ideas to showcasing real parties, as well as sharing planning guidance, including my popular “by the numbers” series!Not planning a birthday?  No worries!  I’m confident that you can apply my “event news” for your celebration, too!  And stay with me because next month I’m focusing on fundraising events.

Until then, I wish you many reasons to celebrate … and when you need professional event assistance, please contact me!

Ashleigh Dorfman, CSEP

President | Event Producer

{event strategy} Inspiring Design 

At an event industry seminar last month, the presenter proclaimed “the first step of good planning is inspiration.”

Everybody Love Edward birthday banner

But finding design inspiration can be challenging.  So let me help you.  Before you spend copious amounts of precious time surfing the Internet, answer these questions about the guest of honor:

  • Does he/she have a favorite song, book, movie or play? The answer may inspire a theme and subsequently, decor. [The above banner was displayed at an ‘Everybody Loves Edward’ 60th Birthday Roast]
  • What are their hobbies or special interests? The answer may inspire entertainment, as well as a theme and decor.
  • What is their favorite restaurant?  The answer may guide your catering selections, perhaps even revealing a suitable venue.
  • What is their lifestyle – how do they dress, how do they live, where do they work, how do they spend their time off?  These answers are important indicators for developing the style of the party – relaxed, sophisticated or perhaps quirky and fun!
  • What is their favorite dessert? Order it!

Each of these questions will spark a design idea, leading you to develop a personal celebration that truly reflects the guest of honor.  If not, contact me and I’ll put on my creative hat!

{by the numbers} 60th Birthday Dinner Party Ritas and Ribs - 1What’s in a number?  A lot if you are hosting a dinner party.  This ‘by the numbers’ cheat sheet was designed for hosting a milestone dinner party at a unique venue or at home.  As a reminder, the guidance is based on rule of thumb; I strongly encourage you to collaborate with all of your professional vendors to ensure complete success.  

{posh POV blog} How much lead time for planning an event?I discovered this analogy a few weeks ago: 

Think of your event like a farm. You need time to plant the seed of interest, cultivate the relationship, weed out people not interested in your event, select the right partners, and yield the success of well-run event. Farmers don’t plant and reap their crops within 30 days and neither should you.


So how much lead time do you need for planning a meeting or event?  Read more …

{pinned by posh!} One Sweet Celebration 

One Sweet Celebration - cupcake smash cakeI’ve been pinning a lot of inspiring ideas on Pinterest lately, including photos from a recent 1st birthday party!   It was a really sweet occasion featuring a cupcake smash cake, cupcake cake pops and this candy buffet (above).  Take a look!

Want more milestone birthday inspiring ideas?  Check out my Milestone Birthday Celebrations and Children’s Birthday Parties photo galleries.

I would love to add your milestone event to my portfolio, especially Sweet 16s, bar/bat mitzvahs and boy 1st birthdays.  Please contact me to start planning today!

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