What Makes an Event Successful?

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What makes an event successful?  Is it the people who attend, the food and drinks they consume, or their actions after the event?  No surprise, it’s a variety of success factors … but primarily, it’s what you do before the event that has the most impact on your event’s success:

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  • Strategy – define purpose, target audience, goals and objectives and budget
  • Design – create an event that engages your guests to achieve results
  • Venue – consider location, amenities and customer service, as well as capacity, cost and cleanliness
  • Marketing – communicate what, when, where, what and how to guests – in a diverse manner (print, email, social media, blog, video, word-of-mouth) with sufficient lead-time.  Really focus your message on what the event is and why this audience needs to be there.
  • Team – the most important success factor, in my opinion, is your team – the production team, as well as vendors, sponsors, volunteers and front-line personnel (registration, waitstaff).  Your team has the incredible responsibility of executing event details and servicing your guests (to facilitate results); therefore, everyone must be “on the same page”, work in harmony and share the same vision.

Have I overlooked an important success factor?  What would you add to the list?  Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts.  I look forward to it!